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Top Story  Monday December 13 , 2010 14:37 GMT

The H1N1 flu is back in Europe killing 10 in UK

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In six weeks, Britain lost the lives of 10 people as the H1N1 flu virus returns. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2009, this virus claimed the lives of almost 18,450 people. This only highlights the importance of continuing the vaccination against this influenza.

“Over the last few weeks, we have… received reports of patients with serious illness requiring hospitalization and outbreaks of flu in schools across the country”, said Professor John Watson, head of the respiratory diseases department at Britain’s Health Protection Agency.

The H1N1 flu pandemic that broke out in March 2009, quickly spread across the world, claiming the lives of more than 18 thousand people, including many pregnant women and children. Yet the World Health Organization declared this pandemic over in August.

The recent deaths that were registered in Britain from the H1N1 virus occurred in adults under 65 years old with “underlying health issues”. According to Prof. Watson, Britain is at the front of the latest outbreak registered in some European countries, and which was somehow expected over the winter season.

The Health Protection Agency is not surprised to see the return of the H1N1 virus, since it is often “that a pandemic strain became the most common seasonal strain during the next flu season”, thereby it is important to continue the vaccination against this influenza during the “holiday season into January and beyond”.


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