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Top Story  Thursday May 12 , 2011 14:54 GMT

The Paper Phone, don't miss it!

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Canadian researchers created a paper phone that makes any slim phone look fat. The device made out of electronic paper is about to revolutionize the world of interactive electronics mainly smartphones and computers.

Researchers at Canada's Queen's University in Kingston have created a flexible yet super-thin computer made out of electronic paper which can be used as a phone. It works on bend gestures (you bend it to execute commands). 

The device is called PaperPhone is just millimeters thick, looking as if came out of a sci-fi movie. The interactive paper-thin technology is believed soon to be making a big change in the mobile and computer sector. 

This device that looks and operates like a small sheet of interactive paper can do everything a smartphone does, play music, access the web, send sms and make phone calls. It doesn’t yet play videos but this may change in the future. 

The technology used in the PaperPhone is based right now on a 9.5cm diagonal thin film of flexible E-Ink display. It means the device is controlled by bending the screen and can bend and take on the shape of a pocket. 

"The paperless office is here. Everything can be stored digitally and you can place these computers on top of each other just like a stack of paper, or throw them around the desk", creator Dr Roel Vertegaal said. 

The phone is just a prototype for now, but "The point was to show what the phone of the future will look like. Everything is going to look and feel like this within five years", Vertegaal added. 

The costs of making the PaperPhone device right now reaches to 7000-10,000 dollar. But the price may fall to a cost more affordable by a wide range of consumers once the device starts being manufactured in high volume.


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