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Top Story  Friday June 17 , 2011 14:05 GMT

Is Facebook losing its popularity?

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With more than 600 million users worldwide, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. However, recently Facebook started losing millions of users, what could be the cause?

As Facebook's popularity dropped in April and May this year, 1.52 million users from Canada, 6 million users from the U.S., 100,000 users from U.K. and 100,000 users in both Russia and Norway deactivated their accounts. 

Just when Facebook was aiming to gather 1 billion active users and go public in the first quarter of 2012, growth rates slowed for the second month in a row, and this pattern is expected to continue. 

Users appear to be abandoning Facebook as similar networks, such as Twitter, became more popular. But despite the fierce competition from other social networks, Facebook remains the biggest social network in the world. 

However, competition is not the only factor affecting its popularity. Privacy threats and boredom seem to be other factors that push users away from this social network. 

Despite of all that, Facebook seem to be growing faster in countries like Mexico, Brazil, and India, and the site created in 2004 by then US student Mark Zuckerberg, is believed soon to be worth more than 98 billion dollars.


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